Denver Jiu Jitsu

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Why do we call it the Training Camp? Because it is just that. Training Camps generally happen before a big season, prior to a competition or the biggest fight of  someone's career, here everyday is a Training Camp. You may not be training for a competition, season or fight, but you are preparing for something. Maybe you are just preparing to better your fitness, perhaps you are just wanting to have more energy, maybe you live in a rough neighbor and you need self defense, maybe you are getting ready for a professional MMA fight in the UFC, whatever the reason we can help you here at The Training Camp, because in our eyes everyday is a camp day.

We have olympic weights, functional fitness modalities, TRX, a heavy bag room, and 1200 square feet of mat, even more important than that we have experts in every aspect: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, fitness and weight loss.

To help and inspire as many people as we can to achieve their personal mental, emotional and physical goals. To bring high level Martial Arts training to people without the attitude, ego or injuries.To give unparalleled customer service where every person that walks through the door feels warm, welcomed, unintimidated and part of a close knit community. 

What really sets us apart from most Mixed Martial Arts gyms is we specialize in beginners. After decades of research and development we have found the most user friendly and non-intimidating way to teach beginners from the ground up no matter what your goals may be. 

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